TechAFX BlackWrap SS PTFE Hose (conductive core)

Introducing NEW TechAFX BlackWrap. BlackWrap takes our durable, proven, PTFE conductive core Fuel Hose & dresses it up with a tough nylon outer layer. This layer increases the durability of the product, reduces noise, & looks KILLER! Blackwrap features a tough, black nylon outer layer that increases the durability of the product, reduces noise, & looks KILLER! The nylon wrap covers a stainless steel braid and our class-leading PTFE (Teflon), smooth-bore, conductive core for excellent performance in demanding situations. Conductive Core - If you are using PTFE (Teflon) hose for fuel--and everyone will be going forward to solve the issue of your vehicle smelling like fuel all the time--make sure the hose is 'black' on the inside. This is a simple way to tell if you have 'conductive core' PTFE hose: which is PTFE hose developed for usage with fuel. When fuel passes through PTFE hose, it generates a mild static charge. For this reason, a coating of carbon is added to the inside diameter of PTFE hose so when the fittings are attached to each end of the hose and the hose assembly installed on the vehicle, this static charge can harmlessly transfer to the common ground of the vehicle. This static charge will buildup in non-conductive PTFE hose--which is a dangerous situation. All TechAFX PTFE hose is conductive core. Sizing - TechAFX BlackWrap is available in -6, -8 and -10 sizes and works with TechAFX AN fittings

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